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Post date: 02/28/2022

Arcbering Consulting LLC is a public relations consulting company based in Silicon Valley and Bay area of California with offices in China as well. We are a full-service brand agency that aims to bridge the gap between North America and Asia through professional public relation and marketing services. Our primary service areas include customized content by professional journalists, top press opportunities in China, strategic branding solutions, and effective consumer marketing services.


Due to the international scope and unique and complex nature of our business as well as its need to closely manage relations with the public and media for our clients, we need the professional services of a Sr. Media Specialist to manage business media communications and maintain the trust we have with various clients, institutions, and other groups and organizations around the world. The Sr. Media Specialist will help develop targeted campaigns to inform and appeal to various demographics around the world. Additionally, to improve recognition of our brand as well as clients’, the Sr. Media Specialist will utilize data gathering methods and communications techniques to develop optimal public relations campaigns.


The hired individual will be responsible for the following:


  • Research and review current events and topics in order to incorporate current trends in the media to produce search engine optimized multimedia stories that capitalize on trending search terms and current events.

  • Create culturally tailored content and utilize social marketing engagement tools such as social media platforms to engage with target audiences around the globe and build brand awareness.

  • Research and identify positive, persuasive coverage of individuals, businesses, industries, and other topics and distribute content through professional communications media in order to create desired public image for our business clients and their products.

  • Develop PR strategies and campaigns, including events and press conferences, that appeal to a wide range of targeted audiences or consumers, to build an impressive brand image of clients’ companies as well as Arcbering Consulting’s.

  • Prepare a contingency public relations campaign for damage control in the event of a negative press coverage of clients.

  • Monitor and measure effectiveness of all public relations and marketing initiatives, and update strategies as necessary to maintain effectiveness.

  • Respond to and prepare statements for media requests regarding information about the company or the application to maintain consistent campaign messaging.

  • Draft press releases and product launch articles regarding clients’ businesses to create brand awareness, as well as communicate positive and appealing aspects of such brands.

  • Serve as liaison between the company and partners, government officials, educators, and parents to ensure effective communication.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Master’s degree in public relations, communications, or related field;

  • 2 years’ working experience in managing media communications using mainstream local and global media, including online content

  • Strong knowledge of multicultural communications strategies and techniques.


Apply to or Arcbering Consulting LLC c/o Chen Chen, 42514 Albrae Street, Suite 1, Fremont, CA 94538.

Job Title: Sr. Media Specialist

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